What went wrong!?

One of the most common things we hear from new clients are concerns relating to issues they have had with printing jobs in the past. Here at Shifty Apparel we are not perfect and never will be, however we think that feedback especially negative feedback is actually a chance for positive growth. Often the best way to learn is from making mistakes…..

While learning from your mistakes is often the best way to learn, it causes unnecessary stress for all involved. That’s why here at Shifty Apparel we take your concerns very seriously. If we can’t tell you why something may have happened, we will always take the time to look into that before we go ahead with the job. Often we end up trialling our own methods before running it on a job to ensure we can guarantee the customers absolute satisfaction with the end result.

Photo Credit to our mate Lilo, his fortune cookie holiday snap fit the blog topic perfectly!

So what are the most common complaints for vinyl and screen printing and how do they might come about?

Vinyl heat transfers are applied using both heat and pressure. A quality press will allow you to adjust both settings for different vinyls, garments styles and fabrics.
Vinyl types vary for garment fabric.


Screen printing
Plastisol or water based inks are printed through mesh screens onto garments and cured using heat.


A good print shop should be able to discuss any and all of the above issues and many more with you. My advice would be to ask questions, and get curious! Don’t spend your hard earned cash on products you are unhappy with.

So what did you have for breakfast? Was it weetbix with a side of feedback? That has to the absolute breakfast of champions right!?