The simple way to place an order

Here at Shifty we are all about streamlining processes to get the best end result, in the shortest time possible. While there are limits to the deadlines we can meet we always try to ensure we supply a quick turn around time.

If you plan your order you can save time before you have even placed your order with us. Then the rest is up to us, and we guarantee we will supply the best quality in the quickest timeframe we can!

Step One – Concept & Design
Quality artwork produces quality prints.
If you don’t have artwork then develop a brief for the designer before you even contact them.
The brief should cover intended use of design, basic shape, size and colours.
Internet images can be used as a guide however, most are low quality and cannot be printed from so expect your designer to charge you to recreate the image.

At Shifty we draw the concept by hand first. Once we get your feedback we digitize the artwork. The final image will be sent to you for perfecting colouring, placement and size etc.
Most preferable file formats are .ai, .eps, .pdf or high resolution image files .png and .jpeg

Step Two – Garment Choice and Placement
We can supply all the major brands including Gildan, AS Colour, Ramo and many more.
The material choice will affect the finished print. Good quality fabric with a nice smooth finish will ensure your prints are fresh and clean.
Business shirts and polos are often better suited to minimal prints and small size i.e. Pocket Prints
Fashion tee options are endless although large solid prints are very popular.
Small garments for merchandise/branding use are best off with simple prints to spread your name and keep the cost down.

Step Three – Leave it up to us!
Production times vary depending on quantity and current workload although our standard turnaround time is 10 full business days from artwork approval. We will send you a mockup for approval before moving onto printing. Once approved it’s really all smooth sailing for you our customer from there on out. We will let you know beforehand when your stock will be ready and look forward to your oohhhs and aaahhs in amazement when you see your finished product.

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