Taking care of your printed T’s | Screen Printing Advice

With the right care, a quality printed garment should last you a long time. There are ways to ensure you get the most wear out of your printed garments and we’ve listed them below for you!

1. Turn your printed t-shirts inside out when washing

Turning your printed garments inside out can reduce fading and stress on the print. To add to that point, try not to soak them in harsh cleaners for extended periods of time as the solvents may cause print deterioration.

2. Dry in shade

Direct sunlight can be harsh on colours and speed up the aging process, ensure you dry your printed garments in the shade, or if that’s not possible inside out.

3. Avoid dryers

Yeah, we know… ‘who has time to hang their clothes out these days!’ It can be a pain but dryers are terrible for your prints as they can crack and peel, so at the bare minimum leave your printed garments out of the dryer.

4. Avoid ironing

Generally, you should avoid high heat near your printed garment. So naturally using an iron on your tees will harm the print. However, if you really need to iron it, turn it inside out and use a low setting.

5. Use quality screen printers

Last but NOT LEAST use a quality, local Screen Printer (cough cough Shifty Apparel) who care about their work and won’t send out a dodgy print.

Need some printed Tee’s?

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