Get to know your garments!

How do you select the right threads to promote you and your brand?     Here are Shifty’s Top Tips   Garment Style – this is where you want to start the brain-storming Pick something you would buy and wear. If you wouldn’t wear it then who are you marketing it to? Maybe you think the… Continue reading Get to know your garments!

Treat yo garments right!

Quite simply put, the embellishments on your garments should outlive the garment itself if cared for correctly – and of course were a top quality job in the first place….. Like all of Shifty’s work. Firstly know what the washing advice symbols for the garment mean. Normally they can be found on a tag either… Continue reading Treat yo garments right!

The simple way to place an order

Here at Shifty we are all about streamlining processes to get the best end result, in the shortest time possible. While there are limits to the deadlines we can meet we always try to ensure we supply a quick turn around time. If you plan your order you can save time before you have even… Continue reading The simple way to place an order