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Starting a Business in 2018_ Shifty Apparel Screen Printing Brisbane

Starting a Business in 2018? Let us help you get your brand out there.


With patience and determination anyone can start their own business, whether you are a dog walker an accountant or a graphic designer, there will be people out there that need your services.
So how do you start strong? Here are Shifty Apparel’s Top 5 Tips to Starting a Business in 2018:

1. Do your Research

It’s great that you want to start a business in your profession but it’s crucial to first do your research and understand your industry.

This means knowing your target market and their needs, knowing your price point and where you are positioned in the market (eg, high end, budget), knowing your competitors and understanding what they are doing etc.

TIP: By first doing your research you set the foundations for your business.

2. Create your Brand

Off the back of your research, you can begin to create your brand. This means creating your business vision, what your brand stands for, the colours, the logo (we can design this for you), the tagline, the type of language you will use (eg, friendly and fun, professional and to the point), right down to the style of font you will use. Getting this in place or even having an idea when you start will put you ahead of the game.

TIP: A business with a strong brand will be remembered.

3. Build a Network

As a start-up business, you might not have a lot of cash flow. This is where building a network becomes important. Making business friends that you can partner with are a great way to build your business.

TIP: Find alliances sharing a similar target market and business values.

4. Get Online

Having a website and online marketing strategy is crucial to your success in 2018. Your website will be the hub of your business online, it will showcase who you are what you do and why your customers should buy from you. Your social media strategy and any online advertising will be how you connect and build trust and relationships with your customers.

TIP: If you don’t have funds for a website yet, start by creating social media accounts and focus on building an active fan base.

5. Test and Measure as you Evolve

It may seem like there is a lot to do before you even begin, however, getting started on these basic foundations and taking simple action is your key to success. Waiting around forever, perfecting your brand or strategy won’t get you anywhere. You can always tweak, improve, test and measure along the way.

TIP: Your brand will continue to evolve as you do so take action today.

If you are starting a business in 2018 and would like to chat to us about getting a logo and some business cards to get your name out there, you can Drop Us A Line Here!