3 Ways Shifty Apparel Screen Printers Help you with your Branding

Logo Design Process

Whether you are starting a new trade business or launching your first fashion clothing label, we believe it is so important to get your branding right the first time, not only to save cost, but to ensure you’re conveying the message you want.

It’s important for our clients to understand that different fabrics produce different printed results, that poor quality images will be blurry meaning often they cannot be used and sometimes certain styles of print may not be the right choice to get the best finished product.

This is why we love helping our clients with their branding and ask the right questions to ensure we can always produce quality prints.

So here are 3 Ways to Get your Branding Right before you Print!

1. Be clear on your market – We don’t want you to waste money on multiple set up costs, we want you to get it right the first time! This is why Shifty Apparel believes that making sure you are clear on your target market (who you are selling to), your brand and the message you want to convey is so important.

If it’s a clothing label, do the research! Make sure you know what your potential customers are going to want to wear, pay for and how often they will buy. Everyone you know will tell you they will buy one, but getting them to cough up the cash is another story.

This is not only important in fashion, but small business as well. Your brand is how you want to be perceived. (i.e. if you own a business in a professional industry, classic embroidery may be more beneficial to use than a large screen print – this is where we can help you!)

2. Know what design suits your brand and where you will use it – When we talk about design, we don’t only mean ensuring you have a catchy logo or bold print (Steve can hook you up there no problem), we mean ensuring that you know exactly what you want to use it for – is it just for apparel? Will it be used as a car wrap? Would you rather it embroidered than printed? All these questions are crucial to getting you more bang for your buck and having a stand out design that attracts potential customers.

3. Garments, Garments, Garments – Choosing the right garment for your brand, business, music label, etc is a must! You have to think about your demographic – are they likely to buy a t-shirt over a singlet or a polo over a tall tee? Knowing the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ of who you are selling to means that you won’t have any stale stock that you can’t get rid of because you didn’t know what your market would wear.
As we create embellished apparel for clients in many industries we could go on all day about all the pre-printing tips you may need, however we believe it is best to sit down with our clients and listen to what they are trying to achieve so we can offer the best advice tailored to their specific requirements.

If you and your brand need some Shifty lovin, give Jess or Steve a call now and start receiving quality service from experienced screen printers that CARE 0421 844 017 or fill out our contact form here.