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What went wrong!?

One of the most common things we hear from new clients are concerns relating to issues they have had with printing jobs in the past. Here at Shifty Apparel we are not perfect and never will be, however we think that feedback especially negative feedback is actually a chance for positive growth. Often the best…
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Get to know your garments!

How do you select the right threads to promote you and your brand?     Here are Shifty’s Top Tips   Garment Style – this is where you want to start the brain-storming Pick something you would buy and wear. If you wouldn’t wear it then who are you marketing it to? Maybe you think the…
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A little bit about Shifty Apparel

Friday fun fact: Shifty Apparel is owned and operated by just 2 people, Jess and Steve. So who does what at Shifty. Jess, pretty excited to start tough mudder 2015 in her team shirts printed by us of course! Jess is who will answer all your calls and emails. Vinyl design, cutting, weeding and pressing…
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